Rockin' In Wonderland

Talk about eye catching. This musical scene from Alice in Wonderland is as much about the photography as it is the build. Julius von Brunk brings us this colorful and whimsical scene, showing Alice, Hatter, March Hare and the White Rabbit absolutely rocking. The shot was accomplished with the clever use of multicolor party spotlights, a great effect expertly done.

Rainbow in the Dark

Small Moments From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I'm really enjoying this series of pictures inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope by builder CozzD. Some are recreations of iconic shots, some are fanciful interpretations, all are top notch lighting and photography. There's even a few with some additional visual effects like smoke, blaster bolts and impacts, all very well done. Click through to see several more pics.

Tantive IV Lego - Expecting Visitors
Death Star Trash Compactor
Droid Recovery & Repair Outpost

Do You Choose the Light?

Whether you like the light or the dark, this picture by the always excellent Avanaut has both. The multiple sources of light as well as the slight bit of haze make for a beautifully atmospheric picture which totally captures the sinister, moody feel of Jabba's Palace. Avanaut says this picture is one of many in his new book, so if you want to see more goodness like this, go check it out.

Jabba's Prize


I don't know who this guy is, in fact I don't even know it's a guy. I don't know where he or she is, or what they're doing. But the title of this pic is "I AM READY", and I have to agree, whoever it is they do look ready indeed, ready for anything. Unless that is of course we're talking about showering, then I don't think that helmet is going to be very compatible with shampooing. Or brunch, this uniform would not be very comfortable for dining on copious amounts of shrimp at a buffet. Or playing Wii Bowling...

An excellent MOC and photograph by SweStar.


Review - Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy

Review - Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy

I get a kick out of all LEGO inspired books. It's a product and company I love. I also find just about anything Star Wars endearing (except maybe those stupid coffee creamers, what the heck?) So when you combine the two, you have my attention. Now add in the fact that this is the product of the imagination and creativity of an AFOL and fan, well this is a perfect storm of LEGO, Star Wars, imagination, creativity, photography and fandom, I'm smitten.

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The Circle Is Now Complete

I love this, for a few reasons actually. First of course it's Star Wars original trilogy, so that's pretty much an automatic. Second, I can appreciate how difficult it was to do, lighting and photographing a super dark set with dark figures is really hard. And lastly, it's just a damn good shot, great lighting, great editing and great composition. Nicely done Andrew JN!

Your Powers are Weak Old Man