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Robots will eventually be a part of our everyday lives, in some way they are. But as we imbue them with more personality and human like characteristics will it become harder to think of them as hardware? Take this little guy from builder Legoloverman, it's really hard not to feel sorry for him. A robot is a bunch of metal, plastic and circuits, no more "alive" than a Roomba, but I doubt I'd feel anything if one was in this same position.

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Builder and BrickNerd alum Melan-E is a huge fan of the game Journey, and to celebrate she has build this gorgeous figure of the main character of the game. I've never played Journey, mainly because I don't have a Playstation. But if I did I have no doubt this would be in my collection, it's totally my kind of game. This beautiful figure has the sweeping lines and curves of the game character, or the flow-ness as Mel puts it, and looks ready to glide over the dunes.

Journey Figure

Tregatis VI Mining Operation

I hope you were in the mood for some serious Neo Classic Space because this is pretty epic. Welcome to the Tregatis VI Mining Operation, by Brick Knight. According to the builder Tregatis VI is a uninhabited planet located in the Pegasus galaxy. The CS explorers discovered the planet contains a rare mineral that has great potential as an energy source. Click through for many more pictures and get a good look at this huge layout.


Here's a fun fact. The reason that you only see kangaroos in Australia is because that's where they were invented by ancient aboriginal robotic designers. About 2500 years ago a mechanical engineer by the name of Djalu Yunupingu, working in his secret lab deep beneath Uluru, designed the first robotic kangaroo. This was in direct response to a threat from a rival designer. Working in what would eventually become the Sydney Opera House he designed what he called "the ultimate mechanical army". Those ended up being koala, but due to their dependency on eucalyptus fuel that had the side effect of making them sluggish and slow moving, they turned out to be no threat. I made that all up, but I dig this robotic roo by ToyForce 120.

LEGO Mech Kangaroo-01
LEGO Mech Kangaroo-03

Our Princess

Star Wars Celebration is currently underway in Orlando Florida, and I'm not there. But I am tuning in periodically to check out the live stream on Yesterday there was a very heartwarming and loving tribute to Carrie Fisher, with an introduction by George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy, followed by a touching video and then John Williams himself conducting the Orlando Symphony Orchestra performing Princess Leia's Theme (I'm not crying, you're crying). Obviously I'm not the only one thinking of my princess, our princess during this celebration. Builder Miro78 put together this wonderful Leia in her Hoth costume. Her jaunty attitude comes through perfectly.

Hoth Leia