Motorized BB-8

BB-8 is pretty much universally adored, and since the release of The Force Awakens we've seen thousands of iterations of this little guy. He's on everything from sports bottles to hats. Being nothing but round makes him naturally difficult to build in bricks, but our love for him means that builders keep doing it. Check out this version by Takamichi Irie, not only does it look great, the motorized functions really bring him to life.

Motored BB-8

Technique Tuesday - Panels And Cheese Make A Delicious And Interesting Wall.

Getting large flat surfaces (AKA walls) to be interesting usually takes a lot of parts and a lot of work, but even then they lack sufficient detail. Builder Simon NH shows us a technique that uses panels and a wide assortment of small parts to really break up the surface in not only color and size, but also subtle texture. I can't vouch for how sturdy it is, but it certainly looks fantastic.

wall technique no. 13


Weapon builder extraordinaire Nick Brick is back with another stunning rifle. This is the M8A1 from the game Call of Duty Black Ops II, and it's pretty badass. It features a moving trigger, removable magazine, sliding ambidextrous charging handle with centering tab, and detachable working reflex sight. I can't help but think that somewhere in Nick's house there's a room that's starting to look like Big Daddy's in Kick Ass.

M8A1 - Call of Duty: Black Ops II
M8A1 - Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Chicken Run

If you haven't seen Chicken Run you need to give it a chance. For one, it's by Aardman, the Wallace and Grommet people, so you know it's funny. And it's heavily inspired by Stalag 17, and The Great Escape, so it's a good story. And of course it's stop-motion animated, a subject close to my heart. Builders SuckMyBrick liked it so much they were inspired to build. And this is the result, pure enchantment and fun, just like the movie,

Chicken Run


Humans have always been captivated by fire, from our very early days it has been a central feature of our lives. It cooks our food, it keeps us warm and it wards off danger. Of course we think we've mastered this element, but that is only by the good grace of Lumiére, the goddess of fire, depicted here by builder Pate-keetongu. So next time you turn that dial of the stove top or click that lighter, remind yourself to be thankful.



This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon... for a more civilized age.
— Obi-Wan Kenobi

These of course need no introduction, everyone knows what a lightsaber is, which is really interesting when you think about it. Prior to 1977, they weren't a thing. They were a notion in George Lucas' imagination, and a collection of parts somewhere in England. A graflex flash handle, plumbing parts, pieces of calculator. Now they are part of our lives, as ubiquitous as an automobile or television. And now they are beautifully crafted brick-built showpieces by Swan Dutchman. There have been countless lightsabers built in LEGO, but these are perhaps the cleanest I've ever seen, gorgeous.

Anakin's Lightsaber
Obi-Wan's Lightsaber