Sundale-Bren Pier

I don't know enough about cyberpunk to speak with much authority about this impressive diorama by vitreolum, but I can appreciate it on so many levels I don't care. In addition to a great deal of nods to Phillip K. Dick and William Gibson, there's also pop culture and Hollywood references galore in this. Click through to give this a proper look, it's totally worth it.

Rundale-Bren Pier

Sagrada Familia

I was unaware of this particular structure until this morning. One of the lovely benefits of being in a world-wide community of builders is learning about distant people, places and things. Construction started on this basilica in 1882, 100 years before I started high school, and it's STILL not done! For once a reference to the 80's that doesn't make me feel really old! Luckily this micro scale version by Swan Dutchman didn't take nearly as long.

Sagrada Familia

50's Tow Truck

For as long as there's been cars on the roads, there's been cars breaking down on the roads. And through those many, many years the means to rescue said broken cars has remained essentially the same, a tow truck. While there's been many types of tow trucks, of course the ones in the 50's had the most character, like this beautiful beast by redfern1950s2. It would almost be worth the repair costs just to see this baby in person doing what it was designed to do.

1950's COE Tow Truck
1950's COE Tow Truck

The End Is Nigh

Who builds the world? Perhaps the world is not built. Perhaps nothing is built. Perhaps it simply is, has been, will always be there…a MOC without an AFOL.
— Alan Moore, Watchmen (paraphrased)

Timofey_Tkachev has rung in the new year with a gloomy construction of Rorschach and the iconic Doomsday Clock of Watchmen. The gray-scale trees are a nice touch.

1 Rorschach New Year