Green Sea Rock Lighthouse

Dioramas don't have to be huge or elaborate to be impressive. They don't need to be loaded with figures to tell a story. And they don't need to be busy or intricate to be detailed. This MOC by W. Navarre is compelling without being over-the-top and I find that fascinating. I want to know it's history, I want to know the ships it protects, I want to see what's inside. That's a good diorama.

Green Sea Rock Lighthouse

The Summerset Isles

I need a vacation. I know the holidays were only 8 weeks ago, and I did take some time off, but it's been nuts ever since. So my first instinct when seeing this stunning diorama by Brickwielder was a deep desire to be strolling that bridge with my wife, sipping some fruity and overly decorated beverage and sincerely appreciating that waterfall and the beautiful scenery.

The Summerset Isles- Brickvention 2018

Food Rover Friday

I can assure you the last job description you'd ever find for me is "astronaut". If my weight didn't instantly disqualify me my propensity for motion sickness would not long after. But, in the highly imaginative world where I would break the bounds of gravity of this planet I would still have a weakness for gimmicky food, and I'd be first in line to get something from these wonderful food rovers from TFDesigns.

FR 2018 9

ST48-003 Locomotive

I really do wish I knew more about trains so I could speak with even the slightest confidence about this lovely locomotive by builder Mateusz92. I can tell you from google that it's a really nice rendition of an existing train, detailed and accurate. I think it's about time we got a train enthusiast amongst the ranks here at BrickNerd, any volunteers?