Squall Cosplay

I have no idea who Squall is, nor do I have time to research it, but this figure from vitreolum is gorgeous. And since cosplay is sort of a new thing for me, at least as a focus for sharing in my fledgling endeavor Nerds&Makers, the name was as intriguing to me as the MOC. I find it fascinating that this might be inspired by someone playing a character, how cool is that?

Squall Cosplay

Max's Interceptor

The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) was one of those films that blew my young mind. So gritty, so brutal, so Australian. About the only thing cooler than Max was his modified police interceptor, recreated brilliantly by builder crash_cramer. You can practically smell the gasoline, hear the whine of the supercharger, taste the dust and feel the heat of the outback.

Mad Max II V8 Interceptor
Mad Max II V8 Interceptor
Mad Max II V8 Interceptor

Jack Jack Has Powers!

One of the great things about cruising on the Disney Wonder is there’s two beautiful theaters on the boat, running current and classic movies all the time. Me and my wife finally got a chance to see Incredibles 2 during our cruise a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. One of the sub plots is the discovery of Jack Jack’s powers, which was fun because it was revealed to the audience at the end of the first film. Since the sequel starts pretty much where the last one left off, we get to see the rest of the family learn he’s a super too. Speaking of super, check out this outstanding caricature of Mr. Incredible. Just trying to be a good stay-at-home dad and, you know, keep the baby from destroying the house.


At Last We Will Have Revenge

Opinions on the Prequels are well known.  I try to take them for what they are and understand you’re constrained in your story telling ability when you have fixed points established that you have to hit.  However Darth Maul was fantastic, just seeing him for the first time was “Oh wow!  This is our new bad guy!”  Then he’s got this weird lightsaber with a really large hilt what’s up with that?  Then in this scene we find out it’s a lightsaber staff.  That’s so cool (and why is the Maul’s Lightstaff so cool but Kylo’s hilt thing gets so much hate I don’t get it)  Ordo in his own words did not create a perfectly faithful rendition of the scene  but no the less captures it well.  The door and wall that makes the backdrop are well and surprisingly simply done.  Mostly just solid, straight forward SNOT technique.  And now I’ll let you enjoy having Duel of the Fates stuck in your head the rest of today.

Duel of the Fates

Metropolis In Space

I’m naturally an optimist. Despite the seemingly downward spiral humanity seems to be in recently I like to think we’ll make it to another enlightened age, one of exploration and beyond the bounds of this planet. Something like the future envisioned by builder ranghaal with this excellent metropolis in space. Imagine day to day living in this cylinder in the stars, looking up to see more “ground” above you, it would be dazzling.

The future is bright - Part 1 Hybris