Owls were fascinating to me before I became a Potter fan, so you can imagine how much they are now. I would love to have a pet owl, especially one that could find my friends and deliver mail, how cool would that be? But I’ll have to be content to dream, and admire them in photos, an occasional terrifying flyover in the dark (it’s pretty unsettling), and this excellent brick version by builder Simon NH.

Bobby The Dog

It’s not very often a LEGO creation will make me laugh out loud (or make any audible noise for that matter) so when one does I know I’ll be blogging it. I could tell when I saw this cute dog MOC by tkel86 that it was mechanical, there were some clues: the lever on the side of course, but also the pins on the shoulders and feet, and possibly the jaw. But when I played the video I was delighted at the full effect. Check out the video below, it’s so worth it.

The Ninjago Burbs

Can you believe I still haven’t seen the Ninjago Movie yet? It’s not that I’m actively avoiding it, it’s just that almost universally Ninjago does nothing for me, so I haven’t sought it out. I will say that the Ninjago City set that came out last year caught my eye, even if I never purchased it, and this imaginative and impressive extension of that set by builder rsmbricks captures the essence and aesthetic of that set perfectly.

Farewell Steve

Spongebob Squarepants’ arrival on Nickelodeon could not have been better timed at our house. Our oldest boy was three years old, the perfect age to be entertained (and warped for life) by the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom. And more to the point it was a show we could watch with him because of it’s incredibly good writing. We had merchandise, video games, LEGO sets, clothing and everything. My son even won class president with a sign that totally ripped off the title for Spongebob. So news of the passing of Spongebob’s creator yesterday made me very sad, a sentiment shared the world over. Builder Ochre Jelly summed up his feelings with this touching tribute to Steve Hillenburg. Rest in peace Steve, you made the world a better place.