I’ve never played Magic the Gathering, but it was real popular at my house for a couple weeks a few years ago. I can’t say I recognize this character either, but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for him (her? it?). Builder Pate-keetongu has crafted a strange but wonderful character here, with the skill and creativity we’ve come to expect.


Owls were fascinating to me before I became a Potter fan, so you can imagine how much they are now. I would love to have a pet owl, especially one that could find my friends and deliver mail, how cool would that be? But I’ll have to be content to dream, and admire them in photos, an occasional terrifying flyover in the dark (it’s pretty unsettling), and this excellent brick version by builder Simon NH.

Bobby The Dog

It’s not very often a LEGO creation will make me laugh out loud (or make any audible noise for that matter) so when one does I know I’ll be blogging it. I could tell when I saw this cute dog MOC by tkel86 that it was mechanical, there were some clues: the lever on the side of course, but also the pins on the shoulders and feet, and possibly the jaw. But when I played the video I was delighted at the full effect. Check out the video below, it’s so worth it.