Knight's Hall

Medieval times had their fare share of hardships. Yes, everything was lit with candlelight. Sure, guys in metal suits were always trying to take your castle. Of course large swaths of the population might be killed off by disease. But if you were fortunate enough to actually live in a castle what a wonder it must have been. I mean who wouldn’t want to spend time in a space like this one from builder Lego_fan? I want to eat some food at that table or play a game or read a book by that fire, right now!

A Visit from Saint Nicholas

Bert Van Raemdonck captures Saint Nicholas delivering hope at Christmas time. Saint Nicholas was a bishop in what is modern day Turkey he lived from 270-343 AD and much of what we know of him focuses on his generosity.  A brief bio of what we know can be found here. The miter (a bishops pointy hat) is excellent captured using the classic roof piece 3049 , as is the crozier (a bishops staff of office, which often resembles a highly stylized shepherds crook) using the gold plant piece. 

The Gingerbread Express

The holidays means a lot of things to a lot of people, and a great many traditions. One in our house is a mild obsession with gingerbread. I’ve made no less than four batches of gingerbread men this season, I just ate one while my tea was steeping this morning in fact, and the bag is taunting me as I type this. We’ve built houses in the past, but never anything even remotely as whimsical and wonderful as this train by builder Tim Lydy. It’s adorable, and looks delicious.

A Host Of Robots

What does one call a collection of robots? A gaggle? A flock? I’m going to propose the official word to represent a mechanical gathering, a “tinker” (make this happen, I’m counting on you all). Builder Rogue Bantha has assembled quite a collection of robots here, and has invited us all to pick our favorite. This is really no small feat, and despite staring far too long at this image I’m afraid I’m not up to the task. I cannot pick just one, so I’ve decided not to, you can’t make me (remember this day when our robot overlords come, when I was inclusive and did not play favorites).

Christmas Cookies

While we are up to our 5th batch of cookies this year, we haven’t made any of this style (but the gingerbread men have been so yummy) but there’s still a couple days before Christmas so who knows what might happen. And while they might be tasty, I seriously doubt they’ll be as cute as these cookies from builder buildings blockd, which are as adorable as they are filled with Christmas spirit.