Christmas At Hogwarts

Christmas may be over, but the surprises and wonderful presents keep coming. I opened my Flickr (sorta like a present) to find this inside this morning. Builder Legopard has built a perfect representation of Christmas at everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry, and it’s as charming and wonderful as it is in the movies. Everywhere you look it’s packed with details, check out the bookmark on the mantle, or the melted wax on the candle next to it, just so much to love.

Mario Kart

As I mentally prepare myself for a trip to Los Angeles today I’ll remind myself that it’s not OK to throw turtle shells or banana peels at my fellow motorists, as much as I may want to. While the “rules” of the freeways of the greater LA area don’t allow this, I’m sure there will be plenty of exchanged harsh looks and perhaps a couple gestures. But in my head I’ll be Mario, skillfully maneuvering through traffic, looking for the finish like. Just like this wonderful depiction by builder polywen.

Hugin & Munin

I love it when a MOC teaches me something. I’m not super knowledgeable about Norse mythology, but admiring these wonderful ravens by builder birgburg lead me to read the caption on the photo. According to it “In Norse mythology Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) are Odin's two ravens. At day they fly over Åsgard and Midgard. At night they sit on Odin's shoulder and whisper in his ear what they have seen.” I was never aware of this and I love it. And to think I was just going to make a stupid “attempted murder” joke, shame on me.

Minimal Heroes

I love this. With a literal handful of parts builder SPARKART has recreated a key moment in my favorite movie of all time. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t instantly recognize this as the throne room from the end of Star Wars A New Hope? While the whole thing makes me giddy, it’s the silver lower leg of C-3PO that puts it over the top for me. Yes, in ANH Threepio has a silver leg, look it up.

The Great Deku Tree

The Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time holds a dear place in my heart, and I suspect in a great many of yours too. It’s the first dungeon of sorts that many of us conquered, at least in a 3D game, and beyond the training ground that is Kokiri Forest. It’s that first satisfying completion of a large task in the game, and rewarding. It also happens to be my favorite game franchise. Builder Julius von Brunk has recreated this icon in bricks, and it has all the feels I could want.