Alien Turns 40

Yesterday while we were celebrating my wife’s birthday there was another birthday getting some recognition, the movie Alien. On May 25th 1979 Ridley Scott changed everything about science fiction and horror, and this was one of the pivotal moments in the film, brilliantly recreated by Ochre Jelly on it’s 40th anniversary. Let this be a lesson to you kids, don’t go poking your head into strange eggs on a distant world, no matter how cool your costume is.

Notre Dame

The world watched in collective horror as fire raged through Notre Dame last month. We all reacted in our own way, some prayed, some cried, some vowed to rebuild and some were just frozen in disbelief. But builder Rocco Buttliere committed to building this, a spectacular recreation of the beloved architectural masterpiece. It is intentionally set in springtime to represent rebirth, a notion I find irresistibly uplifting. Click through for more pictures and some fascinating history.

Diner Mini Modular

I really dig the mini modular scale. The original set is one of my favorite sets of all time, and I still have it together. In fact, you’ll find it in the background of a great many of the animations at BrickNerd Studios, it’s perfect for forced perspective. This mini version of the diner by Swan Dutchman would make a perfect addition to the set too. It’s amazingly accurate to the proportions and colors of the original, including the signage on the front, isn’t that spiffy?


Mickey Mouse is a pretty popular subject for LEGO artists, I myself took a crack at him almost 10 years ago. And I can tell you from first hand experience he’s not easy, especially at small scale. But thanks to some much needed parts, namely the 1x1 round black tile and 1x1 half round white tile, everyone’s favorite mouse has never looked better than this rendition by the great Bruce Lowell.

"You Raise Me Up"

Its not always about dashing heroes, sleek spacecraft and armed to the teeth mecha! Sci Fi worlds still need waste disposal, and maintenance craft.

Tim Goddard has captured the industrial look with these fantastic mobile platforms. There is not much in the way of back story for these, but then again, they are just walking platforms so what more do you need?

I love the use of parts on the legs, as the look like they have great articulation, and the little “eyes” just give the platforms that added character