Adam Savage Builds A LEGO Han Solo Blaster

I'll say it, Han Solo's DL-44 blaster is the coolest weapon of Star Wars (fight me!) and besides one of the screen used props or truly accurate prop replicas the coolest form of DL-44 has to be in LEGO. Adam Savage and Norm Chan think so too, and recently picked up kits from DemonHunterBricks on Etsy. In this video from Tested they build them, after showing off some other cool LEGO prop weapons, you might recognize one of them.

Back in September when I visited the Tested headquarters to build the Millennium Falcon I gave a phaser to Norm. Seeing the disappointment on Adam's face I promised him one too. And last month when I went to see Tested: Deconstructed I was able to meet up with Adam after the show and present it to him, with a nifty little display stand.

I was delighted to see it at the start of this video.