BrickTV Cribs: BrickNerd Studios

Take a tour of BrickNerd studios in Lompoc California! I had the honor of presenting the keynote at Brickslopes 2016 last night and this was part of it. My talk was about being a nerd, about listening to that inner voice and being creative, about being fearless with your passion. But I also tried to have some fun with it and stuck this stupid thing in the middle. I really can't help myself sometimes you know?

The Right Person

The School of Life released it's latest video, The Right Person. Produced at BrickNerd Studios in collaboration with Spastik Chuwawa. Don't let the misguided standards of dating sites and social pressure prevent you from finding the right person. Be romantic and realize nobody is perfect, including you. Done by James Morr, Dane Erland and me, a crew of three.

Meet Wonder Woman

It's no secret that there's a Batman Vs Superman sequel in the works, but I haven't revealed much more than that. There's been a few rumors, but I will neither confirm nor deny most of them. Well, Kathy Zuelch of Rooster Teeth fame appeared on AfterBuzz TV's The Voice Of last night and revealed that she is indeed going to be the voice of Wonder Woman in the sequel! Yes, the voice of Tex on Red Vs Blue is going to in the next BrickNerd Studios production, and I couldn't be happier.