Chicago Brickworld 2015 Part 2

Another year of Brickworld is in the books and so goes with it one of the largest LEGO conventions in the United States (until next year of course). This year we saw some amazing creations from a wide spectrum of official themes and unique ideas never seen before. I am always impressed at how quickly the community embraces every new piece that LEGO releases to come up with more and more detailed builds each year. So if you attended Brickworld this year and submitted a build, please pat yourself on the back for your creativity.

One of the coolest things at Brickworld is the "World of Lights" event that takes place on Saturday night. Late at night, well after the public has gone home, the conference hall's overhead lights are turned off and the only source of light is the glow from the lit-up displays. It is an amazing sight to see for sure and one that must be witnessed in person to fully appreciate. I've included some "before and after" shots in some of the photos of the event below.

Part 3 of our Brickworld series will be posted soon and will include some of the small details that can easily be missed in the proverbial sea of LEGO bricks that is the Brickworld display floor.