Bioshock: The Collection

If you spent this long as a gamer and haven't played any of the Bioshock games, I am both disappointed in your life decisions but also really excited for you...why? Because Bioshock: The Collection was recently released for new gen consoles and contains all three amazing games, so really what are you waiting for?

If you need any more incentive to stop what you're doing and go out and buy the trilogy right now, (Mister real life Booker himself) Imagine Rigney has once again blessed us with this masterpiece of nostalgia. Believe it or not this isn't even the finished piece! Imagine has a few rooms to fill with some of the game scenes and is willing to take suggestions! His "bigger and better" full Rapture even lights up, and my favorite part of course has to be the micro Columbia on top! Check out his flickr for full amazing photos! 

BioShock Revisited Full View Buildings Closed
BioShock Revisited Full View Buildings Open
BioShock Revisited Full View Buildings Closed Water Lit