Just Shoot It

I love this. I get questions all the time on photography and camera gear and I usually have the same first question "what's your budget?" It really doesn't matter these days what camera you use. I've seen stunning shots from an iPhone and terrible ones from a Canon 5D. Lighting isn't terribly difficult either, you can get by with simple desk lamps. The one constant, the one thing that matters is time. If you're in a hurry to get your MOC on Flickr, you can expect it to be a bad shot. Take your time, look critically at the images. Don't be afraid to take a shot, look at it on your computer and then go back and shoot again. I do this all the time, so do professionals, and so should you. Every MOC poses it's challenges in photography, just take your time and experiment and you'll be surprised how great your pictures can be. Take a look at this simple setup by SuckMyBrick, and then go take a peek at their pictures...nuff said.

Photo booth