A Tribute To Ingmar

The AFOL community lost one of its own last month, scale modeler and truck aficionado Ingmar Spijkhoven. Ingmar lost his brave battle with ALS on July 30th. I never had the pleasure to meet him, but we were friends on Facebook, and his passion was infectious. Builder Bricksonwheels built this wonderful tribute to him, sadly he passed before it was completed, but he did get to see some work in progress photos. The tanker trailer is Inmar’s design, being towed by a stunning new Peterbilt 389 tractor. While I love all the shiny chrome, eye-catching red color and scale accuracy, my favorite detail is the license plate.


When someone mentions "18 wheeler" you might immediately think Optimus Prime, but this is what I think of. Check out this huge, shiny and supremely detailed classic Peterbilt truck by builder jarekwally. This is classic trucking, the kind we were all fascinated with for some odd reason back in the days of disco. It must have been a combination of the movie Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit, but suddenly everyone had on a trucker hat and owned a CB, damn the 70's were weird. Check out the really nicely done video for more details.


Standard Equipment

You know, I've never given much thought to the "mudflap girl". I grew up seeing her on nearly every 18 wheeler in the country, and since have seen her on hats and shirts and stickers and so on and so on. With a quick google search I discovered she's the product of Bill Zinda, who came up with her to promote his trucking products. And she's been going strong ever since. And now we can enjoy her curvaceous silhouette in bricks thanks to builder bricksnoir.

Mudflap Girl