There's no description on these charming images by builder manufacturajarema, so it's been up to me to interpret what I see (a dangerous proposition sometimes). What I see is me, or at least someone like me, an AFOL. This looks like an AFOL residing over his table at an event, proudly displaying his work to the public (and waiting for the next event, let's say blind build).

żbik 2
żbik 1

What Is Going On In My Head

For the first time ever the secret has been revealed as to the anatomical makeup of the typical Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) thanks to builder Nikita Nikolsky. Thanks to modern science and creative building we can see the inner workings of the typical brick brained AFOL. Don't be alarmed, we're all perfectly fine (well, most of us) and you have nothing to worry about. Unless you consider storage space, budget, every flat surface of your living area and of course the continual cliche threat of stepping on a brick.

AFOL'S Anatomy

BrickWorld 2016: Mel's Picks!

BrickWorld Chicago has come and gone, and for those who missed out here are my favorites from the show: 

Timothy Lydy is master at character building. His Classic Joker Bust is a favorite within the LEGO Community and this year at BrickWorld he displayed an array of Gotham characters. His Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, A.K.A The Penguin, is just fantastic. The use of a minifigure magnifying glass for a monocle, the fur and tooth piece for his crooked nose makes this Gentleman of Crime come to life. 

The Penguin

Another favorite of mine by Timothy is his Mad Hatter. There's just so much good stuff going on here I cant even pick which I like more. I will say though that he found a way to use the printed blue slopes that I would not have thought of! Timothy's setup was nominated for Best Individual Layout! 

The Mad Hatter

I think everyone at the event this weekend would agree that this creation by Amanda Feuk, titled Imagine made everyone stop to check out. 

Amanda uses piece placement to create a projection of a girl. This creation took home Best Artwork award! 

Builder CheeseyStudios displayed this year an awesome layout titled "Fantastic Beasts". This creation is based of the JK Rowling textbook and upcoming spinoff movie in the Harry Potter universe.  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is about a wizard, Newt Scamander, and his adventures on finding and capturing these creatures. Builder Caleb shows us some of these creatures, along with quotes that describe the dangers of the beast. Click through to see the full layout:

Caleb's Hogwarts Train was nominated for the Best Train award!

If you're thinking of checking out a convention next year, BrickWorld Chicago is definitely not one to miss! 

Did Someone Call A Doctor?

Overwatch hype is all over the place and I love it. We've been waiting for this game since its first reveal in 2014 and the beta the past year had a lot of us gamers hooked! Even if you're not into games, or specifically FPS games, you have to admire the amazing art and style Overwatch has. 

Here at BrickNerd we've already covered a few amazing characters such as Tracer, Bastion & Reinhardt; and I'm sure we'll continue covering more to come as the character designs are both amazing in game and even more in LEGO! 

My favorite part about a new theme circling the Flickr community is sometimes we get the same character built by different builders, and the fun part about it is seeing how great minds things alike but also how they create things differently: 

Overwatch: Angela Ziegler "Mercy" (improved version)

Often we see LEGO female characters built overtly sexual to grasp the attention of the audience. I admire a builder who can create a strong LEGO character without having to rely on those details.  Loysnuva used such fun details instead to portray this Swiss-warrior, like the tubing for her halo, and the teeth parts for her wings. 

Simon Liu has been on a roll and his latest creation of the beautiful Mercy is just as great,

Have Mercy [Overwatch]

Mercy's halo is instead created with gold bionicle parts and gold horns at the ends; gold staffs and swords as detailing on her wings.  

Both builders do an amazing job here showing the strength and beauty of Mercy, a support hero who can heal or damage boost her team. Now if someone can just create Mei then my life will be made :) 



"Why Does Everyone Want To Go Back To Jakku?!"

Builder Robert Lundmark has really done an incredible job in recreating two of my favorite things in the Star Wars The Force Awakens movie:

Teedo's Luggabeast

Teedo´s Luggabeast

and Rey's Speeder

Rey´s speeder

These moments in the movie really showed us how strong of a character Rey was going to be; defending those whom cannot defend themselves and her wicked cool means of transportation. It also showed the audience and the fans the new vehicles and creatures the Star Wars Universe hasn't shown us before. Robert adds amazing detail to both creations, giving the eye different areas to bounce off of. His placement and great photography (done by Tomas Westermark) gives these builds life.

Check out his flickr page for more Star Wars goodness!