It doesn't get much more classic than Alice In Wonderland, from the Lewis Carroll book, to the animated Disney classic to the (personally traumatizing, ask me some time) live action Tim Burton movie, it's a long time fan favorite. Builder roΙΙi has drawn inspiration from the Disney version, and spun it with his own imagination into this delightful snapshot of the children's story.

Alice in Wonderland – The Caterpillar

Rockin' In Wonderland

Talk about eye catching. This musical scene from Alice in Wonderland is as much about the photography as it is the build. Julius von Brunk brings us this colorful and whimsical scene, showing Alice, Hatter, March Hare and the White Rabbit absolutely rocking. The shot was accomplished with the clever use of multicolor party spotlights, a great effect expertly done.

Rainbow in the Dark

Queen Of Hearts

The "darker" description of existing pop culture iconography gets tossed around quite a bit. And while sometimes it works, sometimes you get Zach Snyder. But if you've ever seen American McGee's Alice game, you know what darker looks like when it truly works. This interpretation of the Queen of Hearts' throne by builder LegoWyrm was inspired by that game, and I'm inspired by this MOC.

The Queen of Hearts' Throne
The Queen of Hearts' Throne

There Is A House. Like No House On Earth....

....and it belongs to the Mad Hatter. This ridiculously insane creation is by Brick Blue Wren and is bursting with detail. From the chandelier to the Hatter's hats - there's even a collection of feathers, bows and hat boxes. The spiral staircase within the hat-shaped structure comes complete with a handrail built from LEGO levers and the knobs appear to be a pair of chocolate muffins! It gets curiouser and curiouser the more you look!

Hatters house interior