Overflowing With Art

Art is what you make it, so it’s different for every person. I like this piece by builder jarekwally because of it’s dynamic nature, capturing motion beautifully and it’s simple coloration, stark and contrasty. But I also like that it doesn't come with a lot of explanation, no message of symbolism or pompous backstory, just some beautiful sculpting and nice imagery.

Still Life

Now I’m no painter, but I know that in art there exists the concept of still life which is all about an arrangement of inanimate objects and colors. These flowers by Birgitte Jonsgard are a perfect embodiment of this artistic concept to achieve something truly beautiful and tranquil. Life, as well as Lego, can become very chaotic and confusing, so sometimes you just need to calm yourself and stop to smell the roses.

What's On Your Mind?

According to Blue Builder this is what’s been on her mind the last couple years, and I think we can all relate to some level. Inside my head is a constant battle and noise of wanting to create, needing to provide, compulsion to make those around me happy and entertained and the need to shut the world out. We all have our demons, our light side and dark side, and finding the balance makes us human. And learning to understand and express those feeling, for instance building something this thought provoking and beautiful, is a wonderful way of exploring them.