Confession time, I’ve never seen Sleeping Beauty. Yes, as big a Disney nerd as I am, I’ve never seen it, at least in it’s entirety. I know the whole story, mostly I think, but I’ve never watched it. Despite that I have a genuine appreciation for this lovely interpretation of it’s title character Aurora (aka Briar Rose) by builder retinence. By the way, why doesn’t Aurora have a last name?

Welcome To Aurora

I've been watching the Flickr feeds of Legohaulic and NannanZ for a while with fascination, if not confusion. The lovely but mysterious little floating island MOCs were showing up regularly, but no real description was given. Well the mystery is over and the results of their combined efforts are nothing less than jaw dropping, Aurora.

The collaborative build is comprised of several large and many small floating islands positively bustling with foliage and whimsical structures. The color pallet, building style and overall design is just stunning. There are a great many more pictures to enjoy on both of their photo streams, I invite you to click through and relish.