Batman vs. Superman

Thorsten Bonsch has created this nifty moc exclusively for Blocks Magazine.  It's a lighthearted take on the recent movie concept.  Instead of tearing apart Metropolis, they've opted to take Martha Kent's suggestion to try some one-on-one basketball to settle their differences.  You might have noticed there was a little incident with Clark's heat vision, but looks like Mr. Kent has it under control. 

Batman vs. Superman

Batman v Superman

I saw BvS opening day, and it was pretty disappointing. But then again I always thought the concept was a bit silly, or I wouldn't have made my own version. But that doesn't mean I don't like the characters any less, and I certainly dig this MOC by cid1943. The split screen effect here with daylight Metropolis and the man of steel on one side and dark Gotham and the dark knight on the other is super effective.

batman vs superman

Tonight At SDCC!

I'm super excited for tonight. I'm on the second of my two panels at this year's San Diego Comic Con, Making The LEGO Fan Scene. Join me, Nathan Sawaya, Brandon Griffith, Joe Meno and Paul Lee as we talk about different aspects of the LEGO fan community and LEGO art.

I'm finally going to get to show my animated short Batman vs Superman to it's core audience!

Join us from 6-7 in room 23ABC, see you there!

Welcome Nerdist Podcast Listeners!

I'm totally stoked to get a mentioned on my favorite podcast! Welcome to my humble little website, here you'll find tons of fantastic creations from LEGO artists and enthusiasts all over the planet. You can also check out my mostly terrible YouTube channel and use these links to find me being semi-social and mostly not funny.


Oh, and here's my most popular video, my interpretation of the coming battle between Batman and Superman.