For The Empire!

There’s a lot to unpack here with Tim Lydy’s first Star Wars build. It started simply enough, with a trench battle featuring the pretty spiffy Mimban Stormtroopers. But it grew in size, and then the Emperor was added, then with the addition of the aurebesh title (for the empire) it has taken on almost a propaganda type feel, and it’s pretty amazing. For a more in depth breakdown of the build, check out this post on EuroBricks.

Battle Of Jakku

Although Battlefront II was not the most acclaimed game of 2017 and has caused many to go to the dark side with their hatred towards EA (Master Yoda warned us!), it is one of the most visually stunning games I have ever seen, and the same can be said about this MOC by First Order Lego. The chaos and scale do justice to the game and the textures make it hard for me to take my eyes off this diorama. I would highly recommend checking out the other shots of this beautifully detailed MOC!

Battle Of Nuenen

There's a level of realism and subtle detail in this MOC by ekjohnson1 that it looks a lot like a film miniature, and that's probably why it resonates so strongly with me. There's no garish colors, no overdone dramatic elements, no awkwardly staged battle, just a realistic layout and convincing details. Subtle things like the slight angles to the trees, power lines and the breakup of large areas with just the right amount of detail contribute to a stellar diorama.

Battle of Nuenen 1944 BFVA 2016

Sea Battle

For the uninitiated NPU stands for "nice part use", it's an abbreviation reserved for those MOCs with part use so clever it borders on mind-blowing. Those parts tend to be those ones that are languishing in a bin, ignored and unused because they're simply too special and one-use. This mini sea battle by builder the_jetboy is a perfect example of NPU. Those boat hulls are Chima Speedorz. That's not the only excellent feature of this MOC though, it's awesome everywhere you look, click through for more pics.

Sea Battle
Sea Battle

Siege Of The Royal Castle

I find medieval warfare fascinating. Can you imagine what it was like to wrap your body in a metal suit and storm a giant building made of rock? Just to have arrows fired at you, boiling oil dropped on you or have another guy in a metal suit come at you with a ginormous sword? I'd be dead in moments I'm sure. Builders like Disco86 help us imagine what it was like with stellar builds like this. A little snapshot of time, of a larger place and larger battle. See that guy falling off the wall? That's me. 

Siege of the Royal Castle