The Tooth Monster

You know, there are only two things that scare me in this world. Monsters and dentists. Ok maybe spiders too but that’s besides the point. Fortunately for you and I, is here to remind us that the two can exist in harmony with this terrifying yet awesome creature. That smile. Those teeth. Now that’s a face only a mother, or a dentist, could love.

Matteo, The Immortal Flame

I always find it interesting when a builder updates an older model. It’s a creative-type quirk to never be satisfied, or at least to only be temporarily satisfied with our work. And while we may be our own worst critics at times, some of us see that as inspiration to take that creative vision further. Take for example Matteo here by builder Mana Ramp Matoran, this is the fifth iteration of this character, and he gets better every time.


They call him the Gunsect. He’s the baddest bug in the west, and he’s here to bring law and order to the lands beyond the hive. This gun slinging, crumb eating critter by Paddy Bricksplitter is here to shoot first and ask questions latter. After a hard days work, maybe a few poker games, you can be sure to see him ride off into the sunset. Or is that a giant bug zapper? Nobody knows.


While the description of this strange character by builder Prhymus says this is a "wandering shepherd in need of a new flock", I'm not certain what kind of flock we're talking about here. The unconventional proportions and build style make this a very compelling character. It's hard to imagine this entity patiently watching over some sheep.