Yuru Camp

While my new Airstream has fundamentally changed how I camp, I spent the first half century of my life tent camping. I've always enjoyed adding a bit of separation between myself and the real world and decompressing while "roughing it" (and of course eating camp food). These adorable figures based on the comic Yuru Camp by MikeVd are getting away from it all, and I have to admit I'm just a little jealous.

Yuru Camp

Off The Grid

I think everyone gets to that point where adulting becomes overwhelming, and fantasies of thumbing your nose at society and disappearing to the middle of nowhere seems like a decent option. Then you remember the convenience of flushing toilets and how good a Frappacino is once in a while and the whole thing sounds less appealing. But there are some that actually do it, and I think this MOC by Brick Surgeon sums up how things probably look pretty well.


Home On The Go

I've never been caravanning, or trailer camping, but I've always wanted to. I've been yearning for an Airstream all my life (in fact I just got a truck capable of towing one so I'm one step closer). So this little MOC by Gilcélio appeals to me on many levels. And not only does it look like a splendid time traveling, it looks sharp doing it. The color coordinated pairing makes this just that much better.

Travel trailer