“You enter a dark, dank room. Lining the walls are shelves that once contained a myriad of potions and elixirs, now it’s just broken, dusty vials and strange stains. The floor is a mess of old parchment, broken glass and debris, clearly the room has been sacked or a great struggle took place many years ago. against the far wall is an undisturbed chest, dusty but intact. Above is a candle chandelier that has not been lit in ages, wax stalactites hang from it. You can smell a mix of sulfur and lavender, it’s pleasing and unpleasant at the same time”

“I open the chest”

“Roll for initiative”

Just a reminder that every room must be treated like a place a dungeon master has concocted to murder you, because it likely has been. A wonderful D&D creation by Corvus Auriac MOCs.