The MOC Is Bursting With Awesomeness

The Arvo Brothers are back, with another jaw dropping, chest bursting, awe inspiring MOC. Everyone remembers the first time they saw Alien, hopefully before someone spoiled it for them (and with that being said, SPOILERS AHEAD) and when this adorable little dude bursted out of Kane's chest after everything seemed back to normal. This is the second version of this iconic creature from the Arvo Brothers, the last one being from 2007. Building instructions are available by contacting them at and soon on their website.

LEGO Alien Chestburster

Xenomorphs Are A Pain In The Chest

Can something be cute and horrifying at the same time? I'd argue it can, just check out this adorable, I mean horrible chest burster from Paddy Bricksplitter. Sure it will kill you, but I think in those few seconds before you died you might experience just a fleeting moment of appreciate for how cute this guy is. Sort of a" squee to scream" moment.


Ripley's Nightmare

Nothing like surviving a traumatic deep space event involving a murderous xenomorph then hypersleep for 57 years to mess up your sleep cycles huh? When Ripley finally made her way back to earth, she had a few issues to work through, not the least of which was the nightmares. This one in particular, expertly recreated by Grantmasters, would be enough to rattle anyone.