Lime Explorer

Builder Rogue Bantha continues his exploration of color, and things are getting interesting. Not that I have anything against some classic grey, blue and yellow, but seeing some splashes of unusual color, combined with his spectacular building style and skill, makes for some eye popping MOCs. The overall shape is unusual, the greebs are nice and the build is clean. This is pretty awesome.

Lime Explorator

SeaChant Castle

Welcome to SeaChant!

I'm Humphrey Bigalow, assistant vice president of the SeaChant community outreach office. We hope you'll enjoy your stay in our colorful and enchanting land. Be sure to visit the wishing well of Sir Stabsalot and get a pint at The Painful Stub while you're there. Castle tours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, tickets are recommended. If whale watching is your thing, charter a cruise aboard the Verde Complexion for a unforgettable trip. 

Again, welcome, and if you have any questions or needs just let us know.


SeaChant Castle (Main)