Doc Ock

Fun fact: I worked on Spiderman 2. Not so fun fact: I spent most of the time working on a single shot that was when this guy showed up and some metal panels got pulled off the wall, blink and you missed it. Doctor Octopus, depicted here by vitreolum, is one of those villains that everyone knows, but no one really “knows”, you know? He’s actually a pretty complex character, who just happens to be a mad scientist with mechanical appendages hell bent on proving his genius while smashing Spiderman.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Web-Head

I've never been too much into comics, they just weren't available in the little town I grew up in. But I did manage to get my grubby little paws on some occasionally, and my two favorites were Iron-Man and this guy, brilliantly built by umamen. I remember having several action figures of Spidey as a kid too, and none of them had the poseability of this brick-built one, making it even more impressive.

LEGO: Spiderman (28cm) [2/8]
LEGO: Spiderman (28cm) [1/8]

Deadpool Duck

I don't know why, but every time I see the name Deadpool Duck, I hear that terrible song by Rick Dees, Disco Duck. And as much as that sucks I can't help but think if this character was in a movie, that would be a pretty awesome theme song if it was done right. Meet Deadpool Duck, who recently shot to AFOL cult status and infamy after becoming one of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive figures. Now he's a fully brick-built figure thanks to builder DOGOD Brick Design.

s_DOGOD_Deadpool Duck_07
s_DOGOD_Deadpool Duck_01

Who Watches The Watchmen?

If you're not familiar with it, The Watchmen is an iconic graphic novel from the mid 80's. It's also a mostly terrible movie from 2009. Do yourself a favor, read the novel. Do yourself another favor, never watch the movie. In the mean time, admire this stunning cover to Watchmen #1 featuring my favorite character Rorschach by builder Brick Brickolson.

Watchmen #1: Rorschach