Super Shiny Batpod

I have to admit once I got over the temporary paralysis upon first seeing this beauty by ianying616 I thought to myself “Batman would never ride a chrome Batpod”, but upon further thought I’m not so sure. The thing about chrome (and what makes it hard to illustrate, and render for that matter) is it’s not really its own color, but characterized by its environment. It reflects what’s around it, and in Batman’s case, wouldn’t that be the darkened streets of Gotham? Might not be so bad after all.

Wolverine Vs Sentinels

You ever feel like the odds are stacked against you? You know, like when you’re late for a meeting and every light is red? Or when you’re going to pick up a rotisserie chicken at 6PM? Or you buy a MegaMillions ticket when it passes $1 BILLION? Or when you’re a metallically enhanced superhuman with regenerative properties facing down three giant robots bent on your destruction, like the one here depicted by I Scream Clone? Yeah, like that.

Wolverine vs The Sentinels
Sentinel vs Wolverine

Red Skull's Ratrod

I have no idea what the genesis of this is. From a comic, from builder 2nd Life Bricks' imagination? I don't know, or care really, because it's awesome. And I could totally see Red Skull barreling down the highway in this beast, I like to imagine with classical music playing on the stereo (very loudly to be heard over that massive engine). Hail Hydra!


Tiny Avengers

What better way to celebrate the release of the latest Marvel movie, and the biggest box office smash in history, than with a teeny tiny micro build of the main characters, the Avengers. Builder 2 Much Caffeine took a literal handful of parts and assembled the greatest super-hero team ever to grace the pages of comics or the big screen (unless you're a Super Friends or Justice League fan, in which case I invite you to debate below).

Infinitely Small


I'm not familiar with the DC character Lobo, but after seeing this ginormous build by Shawn Snyder I'm now curious. This MOC is over 30" long, 18" wide and 17" tall, a truly colossal character build. And building at this scale allows for incredible levels of detail, just look at this baby. Shawn displays at BrickCon every year, so I'm hoping I'll get to see this in person in October.