Win A Saturn V!


Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the moon landing. Yes, it’s been five decades since Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Micheal Collins ventured to the Sea of Tranquility. The Museum Of Science Fiction in Washington DC is kicking off the celebration of this landmark of humankind by giving away a LEGO Saturn V, and winning could not be simpler. Just visit this site, enter your name and email address and start wishing upon the morning star.


Nerdvember Is Here!


It’s here, Nerdvember is here! It’s time to break out the Nerdly instructions and get the creative juices flowing for BrickNerd’s annual building contest! We want you to build our mascot Nerdly, but not just any Nerdly, we want to see you get creative with him.

The theme this year is Video Games. Everything from the glorious first days of Pong to the incredibly popular Fortnite, and chunky 8-bit to millions of polys. We want you to find inspiration in all the wonderful pixel-based-time-wasters of the last four decades. Yes, it’s been over forty years of blips and boops and sore thumbs, and who knows how many thousands of games. We think you’ll agree there’s a whole lot to inspire some amazing creations and you have a whole month to build.


Just join the official Flickr group, blow on the cartridge, grab a joystick and start building, you have until midnight November 30th to enter as many times as you like. And just like past years we have an amazing group of sponsors with loads of awesome prizes. There's a Brick Loot box, lighting accessories from BrickStuff, a clock and watch from ClicTime, custom parts from Crazy Bricks, a subscription to BrickJournal, cool stuff from Brickmania, stickers from Cooper Works, custom printed bricks from EclipseGRAFX and to top it all off some of the brand new Overwatch sets from LEGO!


I’d also like to give a huge shout out to the incredibly talented Paul Lee for his awesome illustration of the official BrickNerd 10-Doh! A creative collaboration between BrickNerd and Nate Mitchell from Squid Kids Ink.


Must submit to official Flickr group no later than Nov 30th 11:59pm PST

Enter as many times as you like

Please submit no more than two pictures per MOC

Tag your pictures with "Nerdvember"

Must be physically built, no digital models please

No age limit, but if you’re under 18 please ask your parents

No scale limit, build as big or small as you like

No knockoff brands (Kre-o, Mega, etc.) but third party accessories are OK (Brickforge, Brickarms, Brickstuff, etc.)

Stickers are allowed

The theme is Video Games, but you don't have to follow it if you don't want to, build whatever you want, just make it nerdy.

Download free instructions for Nerdly at


Winners will be featured on BrickNerd and there will be three prize packages of various levels of awesome, first second and third. No special categories or funny business, just 1 2 3. Prizes will be shipped directly from the sponsors starting in December. LEGO prizes will ship in January. Judging will be done by a small, secret committee, their word is final.


Win The Ultimate LEGO Travel Contest!

Our pals over at Beyond the Brick are hosting a contest that pretty much every AFOL wants to win, a trip to Billund to see the LEGO house, and attend Skærbæk Fan Weekend! They want you to get creative and reimagine a LEGO set, big or small, and post pictures to the official Flickr group. Watch the video and read all about it here, then get building!

First Boy On The Moon

When I was a kid not only did I turn my toy box into a submarine (complete with working periscope) I also dotted my entire room with glow in the dark paint so when you turned the lights off you were in deep space (my parents didn't know for months). So this imaginative kid resonates with me big time. This is justin_m_winn's entry to the LEGO Ideas Moments in Space contest

PLEASE VOTE! - Moments in Space Competition

Nerdvember 2017 Winners!

Hey all you nerds, we've compiled all the results and the votes are in, we have our 2017 Nerdvember winners. There were so many awesome entries this year, and it was very difficult to narrow them down to three. But here they are in order...

In first place: NerdTron by Oky - Space Ranger
Like every year we can always expect the heavy hitters at the last minute, and every year I'm blown away. I didn't see this entry until I woke up the next morning, and the grin was ear to ear. What a fantastic mashup of Nerdly, Voltron and iconic vehicles of the 80's, well played sir, well played.

Nerdtron: Defender of the 80's
Nerdtron disassembled

In second place: Bob Ross by Palixa And The Bricks
This was no "happy accident". Bob Ross taught millions to paint, and inspired this brilliant entry. And if the name sounds familiar, it's because Palixa And The Bricks won second place last year as well (always the bridesmaid...).

Nerdly Bob Ross - The Joy Of Painting

In third place: Nerdis Brickler's Day Off by Ochre Jelly
Ferris Bueller's Day Off is an all-time favorite movie of mine, and is there anything more quintessentially 80's? It's one of those movies that you start watching no matter what scene it is. Bueller...Bueller....Bueller...

Nerdis Brickler's Day Off

Honorable mentions...
I wish I could send prizes to everyone that entered, you're all amazing. But these entries got a lot of votes too and deserve to be acknowledged.

Arcade by Orion Pax


Nerdly Puft by Simply Bricking It

Nerdly Puft

Sloth by Yatkuu


Ne(rd)o Classic Space by Inthert

Ne(rd)o Classic Space

I'd like send a huge thank you out to the judges this year. There were so many amazing entries it was NOT easy to narrow it down, they did not have an easy job and I appreciate their time. And of course it's not much of a contest without prizes so I'd like to send totally tubular thumbs up to all of the sponsors, you're rad!

Thank you all for a totally bitchin' Nerdvember, see you next year!