“You enter a dark, dank room. Lining the walls are shelves that once contained a myriad of potions and elixirs, now it’s just broken, dusty vials and strange stains. The floor is a mess of old parchment, broken glass and debris, clearly the room has been sacked or a great struggle took place many years ago. against the far wall is an undisturbed chest, dusty but intact. Above is a candle chandelier that has not been lit in ages, wax stalactites hang from it. You can smell a mix of sulfur and lavender, it’s pleasing and unpleasant at the same time”

“I open the chest”

“Roll for initiative”

Just a reminder that every room must be treated like a place a dungeon master has concocted to murder you, because it likely has been. A wonderful D&D creation by Corvus Auriac MOCs.

Dark Lord

I love everything about this latest figure by builder paddybricksplitter. The construction, the colors, the pose, the lighting, the photography, it’s all just amazing. While I wouldn’t want to run into this guy while in the depths of a dungeon while hunting for treasure, I’m certainly happy to admire this shot of him. Now, roll for initiative…

Adventure Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

You enter a darkened space, the musty air is tinged with the coppery smell of blood. You can hear water dripping in the distance, echoing off the mossy, rough hewn stone walls. An unlit torch is on the wall, upon lighting it a low rumble is heard, like the cross between thunder and a large angry beast. Suddenly an enormous form drops from a hole in the ceiling, it's single cycloptic eye surrounded by stalks with many eyes...a Beholder!

Roll for initiative...

LEGO Beholder (D&D)

The Beholder

This made my heart go pitter patter. Not just because I'm a fan of all things geek, but because it's from a dear friend who hasn't been building much lately (but has certainly been making lots of cool stuff!), and It always makes me happy to see the work of friends. Behold the Beholder, from Guy Himber. Making great use of those Mixel eyes and being all monstery, I dig it.

The Beholder by Guy H

You Enter A Large Chamber...

The torch light reveals little in the way of decorations or furniture as you cautiously enter. You cast your eyes about the room and see two skeletons, one hanging from the wall, this room has seen death. The pungent scent of decay and neglect burns your nose as you hear the faint drips of an unseen leak. A quick check for trap doors reveals nothing, so you continue your search. In a dark corner there's a chest... 

Dungeon Group Shot
Loot Times
Dungeon main

Breaking News: Iain Heath's True Form Revealed!

Dateline: Seattle Washington

In a move that stunned the AFOL community, builder and pony proponent Iain Heath revealed his true form today. While most community members know Iain as a lanky bespectacled individual with a funny accent, he is in fact a small puddle of goo. Normally a dungeon dweller, Iain has gone to great lengths to disguise his appearance, even taking up residence in a lake side dwelling. "He had me fooled, but I had my suspicions when he tried to murder me that one time" said notable AFOL Guy Himber. Authorities have been notified of this strange occurrence, but as of this writing have taken no action. "It turns out being a small puddle of goo isn't illegal" said officer Harry Snapperorgans of the Seattle police department. "But we're keeping an eye on him just in case". When interviewed Iain could only emit strange squishy noises, but at an earlier date he mentioned an interest in a contest on Flickr. It has been suggested that this is the motivation for his reveal.

Dungeons and Dragons: OCHRE JELLY