I happened into the room while my son was watching Death Note a couple months ago. I was impressed with the art style and concept, and fascinated with this guy, Ryuk. He's almost like Jiminy Cricket's alter ego, getting into your head and wreaking havoc mainly because he was bored. The series is dark, very dark, but strangely beautiful, much like this bust of Ryuk by builder Combee

Fresh Blood

Inspired by the stunning Rivers of Hell collaboration of Mihai Marius Mihu & The Deathly Halliwellonosendai2600 has crafted a castle of nightmares. With it's gaping maw bridge and crimson base, it's an intimidating structure to say the least. But I have to admit despite it's menacing appearance, I find myself irresistibly drawn to this, perhaps it's my darker side?

Fresh Blood!
Fresh Blood!

Puppet And Puppeteer

I won't begin to say that I understand the mythos and story behind these MOCs, I'm sure there's plenty going on here in that respect, but I haven't had enough tea or sleep. I will say when builder A Plastic Infinity posted Turaga Retei-atomn last week I was confused by the floating chains. But now it's clear, and pretty cool. What really caught my attention was there's a miniature of the first character in the second MOC, that's pretty genius.

Turaga Retei-atomn