Aithaz Hold

I will admit a slight tinge of jealousy to those that got to attend Brickworld Chicago. But don’t cry for me, I was on the Disney Wonder cruising through Alaska while it was going (yeah, boo hoo). Part of that jealousy is because those who attended got to see things like this spectacular creation by builder ‘Ecclesiastes in person, the best way to see LEGO builds in my opinion.

The Perfect Hiding Place

The wait for the third season of Stranger Things has been excruciating, but hopefully it’s because it’s ambitious and as well developed as the first two. Builder Norton74 is anxiously waiting too, and has opted to occupy himself with some Hawkins inspired builds. The latest is where Sheriff Hopper hid Eleven from the government, his old family cabin in the woods.

Horror At Mangrove Swamp

I love how crazy talented some of my friends are. I don’t know what inspired what, and which came first, but builder Lino M not only built this exceptional diorama with a dark back story, he also painted the cover of a pulp novel of that very story. It seems that the folks of this swamp have been keeping the rest of us safe, but at a terrible price.

Horror at Mangrove Swamp
Horror at Mangrove Swamp

Filia's Bakery Is A Feast For The Eyes

Since those very early days when people figured out mixing crushed wheat with water and getting it hot made for a pretty good snack humans have been baking. And it wasn’t long after that the art was perfected and the baker was born. Fast forward to medieval times and we meet Filia, star baker of the nine kingdoms, built by roΙΙi, and making me crave some pastries.

Filia's Bakery

Victorian Street

Fancy a stroll? The Victorian times must have been exceptionally interesting time to be alive. New inventions constantly, fascinating fashion, and style everywhere you look. Of course there was also class warfare (and just plain warfare for that matter) and cholera so it wasn't exactly utopia. But there certainly were some awesome buildings built weren't there? Like those depicted in this excellent street scene by looooookl.

Victorian Street