Duck Tank

Donald has long lived in Mickey's shadow. You remember during the Mickey Mouse Club song when Donald would start to lose it and scream "Donald Duck"? He's sort of tired of it. Well back then all he had was his voice and his unbridled duck rage. Well no longer thanks to Baron Julius von Brunk, check out the Duck Tank. Now I don't expect he'll target Mickey, he knows what side his bread is buttered on, but Annette and Cubby better watch their backs.

Ducktank (cockpit)

Quack Quack, Stomp Stomp

Look out Mechy Mouse, there's some stompy competition in town courtesy of Moko. I'm going to be vacationing at the Disneyland resort in July, so I think there's enough time for the Imagineers to get going on some of these. I mean floats are nice, and I do watch a parade from time to time, but if these were clomping down Main Street, I would so be there.

Donald Robo

That Is One Angry Duck

If I had to choose a single word to describe Disney's venerable anti hero and the original angry bird Donald Duck, it would be "flappable". Not only is it sort of a fun play on words, even if Donald doesn't technically have wings, but we all know what a ticking time bomb of fury he is. This version by Djokson pretty much nails that side of his character.