Rescue Eagle

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Space:1999. Back when we were kids we had a hard time getting through any given episode, there was just so much talky talky. But we still tuned in even if we were playing with space toys while it was on in the background. Builder and Gerry Anderson buff Bricks for Brains has crafted a perfect rescue Eagle here seen on pad 5. I just wanna swoosh it!

Rescue Eagle on pad 5
Rescue Eagle on pad 1

The Eagle

Ahh, Space 1999, another series trying to capitalize on the success of Star Wars right? *Loud Buzzer* Wrong! The series actually premiered two years before Star Wars came out, we just never saw it here in the states much until after Star Wars came out and the whole world went Sci-fi bananas. Here's another fun fact, the series is from Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame. Yes, the show with the marionettes. While the show was always a bit sleepy for my taste I always like the Eagle, it had a real NASA aesthetic and believability. This version by Bricks For Brains is the perfect size for swooshing, gimme!

Eagle 1 front quarter

The Eagle

When I was a kid my neighbor had the coolest Eagle toy, the cockpit and engine pod could be removed and connected to make a cool "mini Eagle" we called it. We also took great delight in attaching a parachute to the back and hurling it off the cliff in my back yard. Despite this wanton vandalism, we were fans of the craft and the show, so it gives me warm fuzzes to see it still. This version by V00D00M is fuzzyriffic.

Eagle from Cosmos 1999