Volsung Hall

I can't decide what's more mind blowing about this epic award winning MOC by long time collaborators Eli Brinsmead and Ben Cossy. The sheer awesomeness of the build, with it's multiple levels, chambers and storytelling, or the fact that it's a collaboration by two guys that live on opposite sides of Australia and it wasn't joined until they went to Brickvention. I've collaborated with other builders in the same room and it's challenging, I can't fathom the amount of planning and dedication that went into this.

Land SHIP Khagaan

This is pretty epic. It's SHIPtember, and while we're all pretty accustomed to seeing giant space ships this time of year, builder mahjqa brings us the land carrier Khagaan, a colossal treaded vehicle with multiple power functions and seriously cool design. While the picture is stunning, it doesn't really convey the scale or capability of this beast. Check out the video, which features some pretty amazing vfx and cinematography, as well as a behind the scenes peek at how it was done. Beware, you are about to have your mind blown.


You'll Be Required To Maneuver Straight Down This Trench...

Just last night I was watching a viral video (well, more audio actually) of an original 70's audience reacting to the Death Star battle, I was transported back to childhood. I love Star Wars, I'm not afraid to say it or show it, and when I see something like this jaw dropping MOC by Martin Harris, I  see the passion I know so well. Just look at this epic creation, the sheer scale of it, it's awesome! The care and love that went into this practically leaps off the screen.


Epic Build In A Micro Scale

When you hear the term "micro scale" it tends to conjure visions of teeny tiny models. Buildings that fit in your hand, castles dwarfed by minifigures and cars you can hide behind your finger. Well what if the build sprawls hundreds of studs in all directions? That's the case with this jaw-dropping rendition of Copenhagen by builder semikoma. The level of detail, creative building and technique used here is just stupendous. I really wish I could see this in person (or better yet shoot it with a lipstick cam on motion control). It's truly a micro build on an epic scale.

Jurassic Park III

You just have to wonder about theme park operators and giant, dangerous, prehistoric beasts. Haven't those guys seen those other two movies? Anyway, feast your eyes on this truly epic MOC by markus19840420, it's part of a collaboration with Disco86 and absolutely jaw dropping. Normally I would wait until everything was posted and then feature, but I was so blown away by this I had to share. Stay tuned for the whole collaboration coming soon.

The Wall

This is truly epic. It's really hard to gauge the scale of this MOC by UK LEGO and history buffs Brick to the Past, unless you really scrutinize it. It's actually over 16 square meters in size! That's like the size of a decent bedroom. Or to get a better idea, it's built on 105 large base plates. The only thing possibly more epic is the subject matter, the wall. It represented the northern border of the ancient Roman empire way back when.

The wall - Rome's northern frontier