This Plush Nerdly Can Be Yours!

There's only about two weeks left in the Next Level Nerdly contest on Flickr, and part of the first place prize package is now chillin' at BrickNerd Studios thanks to Flat Bonnie. This is one of only three in the world, hand made and individually numbered (this one is 02). He's super squishy and awesome.

All you need to do is take Nerdly to the next level and upload a picture to the official Flickr group. Not attending Brick Magic? No problem, you can still enter. But if you are coming, please bring your Nerdly to show off. And right now the odds are incredibly good since there's not a single entry yet (meh). But I know taking it to the next level takes time, and I've heard some really cool ideas, so I'm looking forward to what you build. So break out the bricks and I'll see you at Brick Magic!

HARDnuary 2015

If you haven't already heard, HARDnuary is once again underway. What's that you ask? Well, quite simply it's a building challenge for hardware and everyday items, sort of the mastery of the mundane. There are no prizes, but you wouldn't know that by the enthusiasm of builder KOS brick, who has committed to a MOC every day in January, and so far it's been impressive.

HARDnuary 2015 - Building Challenge
Vintage Flip Cell Phone
Cigar's Ashtray

Nerdvember Is Over

Yes, Nerdvember 2014 has come to a close. To say I'm overwhelmed with the entries is an understatement. I count 77 completely unique Nerdlys, impressive indeed. I can't say which are my favorites, not that it matters since I'm not judging, but I don't want to show favoritism. I will say that the creativity, humor and skills of BrickNerd readers is amazing. The panel of judges will be invited today, and they will have a couple days to deliberate. I'll announce the winners here soon. Stand by!