Beautiful Brick Bouquet

Not only is this sculpture by builder jarekwally eye catching and whimsical, it’s also a reminder that LEGO is moving away from petroleum based plastic to plant-based. This is part of their commitment to being sustainable by the year 2030, and they’re well on their way. I’d personally like a couple bouquets like this around the house, fun to look at and pretty difficult to kill (bringing a live plant into this house is pretty much a death sentence).

Still Life

Now I’m no painter, but I know that in art there exists the concept of still life which is all about an arrangement of inanimate objects and colors. These flowers by Birgitte Jonsgard are a perfect embodiment of this artistic concept to achieve something truly beautiful and tranquil. Life, as well as Lego, can become very chaotic and confusing, so sometimes you just need to calm yourself and stop to smell the roses.


One of my first experiences of build-on-command was cobbling together flowers for the window of the Clubhouse at LEGOLAND CA. Everyone's favorite Model Citizen Renate asked me to make a flower for her every time I visited, and they're still on display to this day. These excellent little sunflowers by Bruce Lowell would be right at home in that window. In fact, you better bring one with you next time Bruce.

LEGO Sunflowers

Even Goblins Need Love

It is that most brutal of holidays, Valentine's Day. Men, you know the drill, get out there and torment some poor people working in retail dealing with thousands of other men who put it off until the last minute. Or do like this resourceful troll in this MOC by scrat_ and bring your favorite lady goblin some hand picked flowers and a nice snack.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Flower III