Plastic Men Tell No Tales

This idyllic pirate MOC (by Vitreolum) shows something I really love to see in MOCs online: an entire scene built fully out of LEGO. A White background is nice and all but it's really cool when a builder goes the extra mile to flesh out a scene with more details. I especially love the forced perspective with the tiny island, and the puffy white clouds.

Pirate Cove

Some Light Reading

This library scene by henrik_zwomp makes me want to go read a book. I hear good things about Lord of the Rings, maybe I should read those again. Anyway, this is a lovely build. I really like the way the walls are angled outward, making the room feel open and spacious. The subtle forced perspective out the window is also superb and gives a great feeling of depth to an otherwise fairly small scene.

A Scene in a Library

Forced Perspective FTW

This shot tickles my visual effects fancy. Not that it's not a pretty excellent build, but the shot itself is a classic VFX trick of forced perspective, carefully arranging models of varying scale to imply distance (it's Star Wars related too, double trouble). Yes, it's a bit of a spoiler to see how it was done, but that sort of thing has always revved my engine since an early age. Nice shot Brickwielder.

Star Wars the Old Republic- Naga Sadows Temple
Naga Sadows Temple Behind the Scenes


SyFy is the epicenter of all things ridiculous when it comes to plot devices and preposterous title characters. But how can you accuse them of jumping the shark when they blew them in on a tornado? Well our pals at TBB are having a little contest and things are starting to get interesting. Take for instance this offering from M<0><0>DSWIM, which not only features the main character riding a shark on top of a tornado holding a chainsaw, but it's got forced perspective too!

Rooftop Turtles

OK kids, it's time for a visual effects/LEGO mashup. This MOC employs a technique called forced perspective, where items of diminishing scale are placed to give a greater sense of distance. The use of color in the background is excellent as well, implying what's called aerial perspective where things become less contrasty with distance because of particulate matter in the air. Oh, and hey...turtles.

Turtles getting funky on Saturday night, NYC rooftop style yo!