Game Of Thrones Castles In Motion

Fans of Game of Thrones should recognize these iconic castles from the opening titles of the series. Builder Legopard spent three months recreating six of the locations of Westeros and Essos, not only capturing the look and feel of them, but also adding brilliant mechanical action to all. Check out the video to see them all in motion, and try to keep your jaw from hitting the table.

Bear And The Maiden Fair

I love Game of Thrones. I was a big fan of the books, and I'm a big fan of the series. I'm also a big fan of this outstanding recreation of Harrenhal and the pit where Brienne of Tarth fights the bear (I won't tell you how it turns out, we're not about spoilers here). This jaw-dropping MOC consists of over 20,000 bricks and it shows, it's positively loaded with detail and rich texture throughout. There's tons of pictures if you click through, and believe me, it's worth it.

(more pics in album) GoT - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 1
Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 12
Game of Thrones - Bear and the Maiden Fair - by Barthezz Brick 25

Castle Pyke

Game of Thrones fans should recognize this familiar castle, it's the Pyke, in the Iron Isles. The Ironborn are a hearty and gruff people, as proud as they are prone to violence. Here we see a not untypical ritual of succession, namely throwing the ruler from a great height and taking his crown. I'm usually not a fan of the mixing of old and new grey, but builder Eggy Pop pulls it off beautifully here.

Castle Pyke

More From Westeros

Builder Legopard is back with a couple more offerings inspired by the opening titles of Game of Thrones. First up is Castle Black, home of the Night's Watch, defenders of the wall. They've been guarding the north so long they barely remember what they're guarding it from. And next is King's Landing, where you go to sit on the most powerful throne in Westeros, and probably get killed shortly after.

GoT - Castle Black
GoT - King's Landing


Here's a huge surprise, I'm a Game of Thrones fan. I listened to the books years ago and when HBO announced they were making it I was skeptical but excited. Well, they've far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait for season five to start tonight. I'm guessing Guy Himber's a fan too, and this MOC is just his way of expressing it. Now as far as Joffrey goes...

King Joffrey, Long may he Reign! by Guy Himber