Bustin' Ghosts, Mecha Style

I can't help but think the movie Ghostbusters would have been entirely different if the boys in gray were equipped with these babies. Builder chubbybots imagines Ghostbusting via mech, and the results are captivating. This is Ecto 4, 5 and 6, each equipped we assume with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator. Staypuft wouldn't have stood a chance against these.


Who You Gonna Call?

We've seen a lot of BrickHeadz in recent weeks, clearly the form factor resonates with the community. Most of them don't do much for me personally, but I do really dig these from builder bricks.life.idea. Of course it helps that they're based on one of my all time favorite movies, Ghostbusters. There's more characters too, including Dana and Louis, click though to check them out.


Don't Cross The Steams!

Like most people I am quite excited to see the upcoming Ghostbusters re-boot but imagine if the story was taken back into the Victorian Age and given a Steam Punk makeover. Thats what Cpt. Brick has done! With stories of Fish & Chip eating Eco-plasm and unfriendly Librarians the scene is well set. All thats missing is an Ecto 1 for the Phantom Catchers to rush through the street of Old London Town in. "I say old chap, be a good fellow and don't cross the steams!"

Don't Cross the Steams!

Ghostbusters Headquarters - In Just Over A Minute

How do you make building one of the biggest LEGO sets ever produced even more epic? You  film it in multiple sessions with motion control time-lapse then composite all the shots with some cool speed effects and edit a video. This took over a week, but was super fun. The set is outstanding, with loads of detail and tons of nostalgia. One of my favorite all time movies is now one of my favorite all time sets.