Quite possibly the most popular female comic villain (it really depends on who you ask, and comic book fans are a spirited and passionate group) and certainly the most popular female comic villain cosplay is Harley Quinn. One trip to San Diego Comic Con and you’ll see them everywhere (Nerdly even has a pic with one!) Builder Paddy Bricksplitter decided to take a stab at a smaller articulated version of her using parts and techniques recently in use. All I can say is NAILED IT!

Christmas With Batman And Harley

Even superheroes celebrate the holidays, but what do they give each other, especially with a relationship as complicated as Batman's and Harley's? Well according to builder vir-a-cocha Harley knows just what to get the caped crusader, batarangs and a grappling hook. And that looks like a huge hammer for Harley, they know each other so well.

Christmas Eve For Batman and Harley

The Perfect Couple

According to research one of the things that makes a perfect couple is common goals and mutual admiration. What could be more descriptive than The Joker and Harley Quinn? They both share the common goal of bringing down the Bat, and each is infatuated with the other. Sure they're raving psychopaths, but that's beside the point. Two more of Tim Lydy's brilliant Forms of Gotham collection, and an inspiration to couples everywhere.

The Joker
Harley Quinn

Teeny Tiny Harley

The level of detail in this tiny MOC by Grantmasters is pretty staggering. So much so you almost have to look twice to figure out what you're looking at. The profile bricks are an instant giveaway of the scale, but your brain just can't accept it. Harley has always been a bit irresistible (well, at least for a psychopath) but this version is at squee levels.

Dr Quinn Prepares the Medicine

Holy Micro Builds Batman!

I've spent SO much time over the last couple years engrossed in the world of Gotham and Batman, so much so I'm frankly a bit burned out. But this wonderful microscale Batman set got me instantly excited, so there's still some hope for me. I LOVE this, all the tiny details, all the figures, all the vehicles and play features, it's awesome. I generally try to avoid posting LEGO Ideas stuff, but I would love to see this actually made. Head over to LEGO Ideas to support.

The Batcave
Mini Battle for the Batcave

Mad Love

Here at BrickNerd we like to look back from time to time, and to Gotham's darker places. Batman villains have been on my mind recently, so I thought I'd dig up an older favorite of mine. This comic cover inspired scene by Julius No features not only the caped crusader and and his nemesis Joker, but also one of the best LEGO representations of the most popular female character in the DC universe, Harley Quinn.