Shed Some Light On Hogwarts

Those mad geniuses at Brickstuff have done it again. As if LEGO 71043 Hogwarts wasn't impressive enough, now you can trick it out with another stunning lighting and sound kit from Brickstuff. And this isn’t your typical “stuff it with way too bright LEDs” kit we see so much of these days, it’s seriously high tech and incredibly well thought out. Brickstuff took over six months developing it, including the development of a whole new controller board. It’s the most advanced kit they’ve ever offered, surpassing even the stunning Millennium Falcon kit. And it’s not just a bunch of lights that turn on and off, it’s storytelling. The whole kit is designed from the ground up to bring the castle to life, not just make it visible in the dark. And once you add your own sounds to it, you will swear school is in session. The kit is so innovative Brickstuff has created it’s own website, to showcase it. The kits are available for pre-order now, but there’s a limited supply of “mega-bundles” so act fast.




Owls were fascinating to me before I became a Potter fan, so you can imagine how much they are now. I would love to have a pet owl, especially one that could find my friends and deliver mail, how cool would that be? But I’ll have to be content to dream, and admire them in photos, an occasional terrifying flyover in the dark (it’s pretty unsettling), and this excellent brick version by builder Simon NH.


I was never allowed to take an animal to school, which is one of the things that makes Hogwarts so appealing. Of course you only ever hear about cats, rats, owls and toads, which makes me wonder if dogs are allowed. I think it would really upset my corgis to learn they couldn’t go, I’m pretty sure they’re Potter fans. Speaking of Potter fans, check out this excellent Hedwig by builder DOGOD Brick Design.


You better hind your valuables, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald opens this weekend and Niffler loves a bit of shiny shiny. This little platypus-like magical creature has an absolute weakness for treasure, and is cute enough to get away with it. And this brick version by builder Cha Mi captures that cuteness perfectly.


Professor Dumbledore is one of my favorite characters from the books and movies of Harry Potter (but I will say, I preferred Richard Harris’ portrayal over Gambon’s). He was a total badass and knew it, but didn’t let it go to his head or flaunt it. There was a reason you-know-who was afraid of him. Builder Pate-keetongu has crafted a fitting version of the powerful wizard, and his venerable phoenix Fawkes.

#12 Grimold Place

I’m going to stop you right here, and tell you to watch the video below before continuing to read, I’ll wait…

I spend pretty much every morning, 365 days a year give or take, blogging LEGO creations. I can tell you that an audible reaction from me is pretty rare, but this brilliant little MOC by builder Inthert made me exclaim out loud “holy sh*t!” I’m a Harry Potter fan, and a LEGO fan of course, and I have a soft spot for micro builds and mechanical ingenuity. This sorta ticks all the boxes for me.

No. 12 Grimmauld Place - Closed
No. 12 Grimmauld Place - Video