Silver And Gold

I might be skewing this a bit more to the holidays than intended, I'm in a christmasy mood. But really, with that much pearl gold, silver and chrome, I could see Santa screaming around the north pole in this beast by redfern1950s2. Well, that is if he could squeeze into it. With a chop that aggressive he might have to roll Big Daddy Roth style, if you know what I mean.

All that glitters is not gold - Super Charged V8 Hot Rod
Super Charged V8 Hot Rod

American Graffiti

You may not know this Star Wars fans, but you owe a debt of gratitude to this yellow hotrod. Prior to Star Wars getting greenlit the executives at Universal were scratching their heads at a little film from a young filmmaker named George Lucas. They didn't get it, and in fact almost shelved it, but when they finally released the film it was a smash hit. It had humor, it had poignancy, it had music and it had cars...We loved it. Based on it's success George was able to finally convince 20th Century Fox to give Star Wars a shot. The rest, as they say, is history. This updated version of John Milner's hotrod by Tiler makes me smell gas and hear Wolfman Jack.

John Milner

Tiny Hot Rod

This is pretty clever. I almost just scrolled right past this MOC, I suspect you almost did the same, but take a closer look. The roof and back of the cab is a book, and the windows are pail handles. The bottom of the cab is actually inverted, somehow the gap between the cab and the trunk is perfectly filled by the book half and I have no idea how this whole thing is held together. There's actually a lot of really slick building in this tiny hot rod by grantmasters.