Black Onyx

Just last weekend my wife and I went to breakfast with some friends. As we pulled up to the corner to turn to park we discovered we couldn’t because there were dozens of show cars in the street. Unbeknownst to us there was a car show, so after we had a nice breakfast we walked through it. While I would never drive anything like this hot rod from ianying616, I certainly appreciate looking at them. There wasn’t anything quite as radical as this thing at the show, but a couple were close. If this thing has been there, it would have stolen the show.

Merry Christmas From BrickNerd!

And happy Chanukah to you all. It's a time of celebration, where families come together and warm wishes are shared by all. I wish I could reach out and hug every one of you that visit this little blog on a regular basis, you're my BrickNerd family and I love you all! Santa's already been to our house, my stocking is overflowing. It's time to open presents, eat yummy food and listen to some classic holiday music. Speaking of Santa, check him out in this spiffy new hotrod sleigh by builder Vaionaut! This thing can certainly spread some cheer in a fast way.

Merry Christmas!

Black Coupe Hotrod

This is a seriously sweet hotrod from builder sm 01. The design is pretty classic model-T, with lots of flair, like the checkerboard firewall and detailed engine. But what's not immediately evident is the working door handles, adjustable rear suspension, mechanized engine and retractable license plate. Oh, and did I mention it's remote controlled too? Check out the video for all the working action.

Hot rod - Black coupe

Fire Engine

Back in the 60's and 70's there was a thing called "show rods". I'm sure they still exist today, but back then they were new, they were radical and they dropped jaws. They drew crowds, they inspired model kits and they made people happy wherever they went. I remember building the model Chuck Miller's Fire Truck, here seen brilliantly recreated by Norton74, when I was a kid. I also remember musing about those short little ladders on the side, they wouldn't reach a first floor window. I was a weird kid.

Fire Truck | '67 Chuck Miller’s Ford C-cab
Fire Truck | '67 Chuck Miller’s Ford C-cab

Citrico de Mexico

I remember in high school opening an issue of Hot VWs magazine and seeing an open wheeled beetle hot rod for the first time. It belonged to a member of the band ZZ Top if memory serves, and it blew my mind. I've been fascinated with this extreme VW mod ever since, so seeing this awesome MOC by tiler instantly perked me up. The use of the chairs for the side of the vehicle is inspired genius, just look at that contour, it's perfect.

Cítrico de México _06
Cítrico de México _05