Coraline's Pink Palace

One of the highlights of San Diego Comic Con for me was the Laika Experience. The stop motion movie studio Laika took over a space a couple blocks from the convention center in the historic Gaslamp District and converted it into a miniature version of their studio in Portland. In addition to tons of excellent displays of props, sets and figures from many of their films, they had a functioning model shop and shooting stage, with artists on hand to demonstrate and answer questions. They even had free themed ice cream when you exited. But I'm here to tell you about something at the beginning of the tour, visitors waiting in the queue got a great view of this fabulous LEGO Ideas hopeful from Laika's very own Holly Webster, Coraline's Pink Palace.

Yes, it is generally the policy of BrickNerd not to feature LEGO Ideas campaigns unless it's very special circumstances. For instance a major stop motion movie studio displaying a set built by one of it's employees at a special venue at the craziest comic con on the planet. Holly's version of the apartments has all the charm of the original, which is easy to verify because the real set was just a few steps away.


There's even a full set of custom minifigures made with the assistance of the talented Jared Burks, featuring Coraline, Other Mother, Other Father, Bobinsky, Wybie, Coraline Doll, and the cat. The back of the house splits open to reveal a detailed interior of rooms any fan of the film will recognize instantly.


The LEGO Ideas campaign is going now, and thankfully is still early enough that it has a strong chance of making it, especially with the exposure from this past week. Head on over to LEGO Ideas to cast your vote and make this wonderful set a reality. I'd like to give a huge shout out to Holly for granting us access to not only her set, but the fascinating and awesome Laika Experience, it was unforgettable. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 7.43.04 AM.png

The House From A Christmas Story Reaches 10k

Just in time for lovely, glorious Christmas (around which the entire kid year revolves) this LEGO Ideas campaign by twrt0es has reached the 10,000 mark! This means we may all soon have a chance to own this amazing reproduction of Ralphie's house. It may not be an official Red Ryder 200 shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time, but I'd certainly love one of these sets under the tree. Fingers crossed!

There It Is, My House, At Good Old Cleveland Street...

While it is the general policy of BrickNerd not to feature LEGO Ideas project, sometimes I have to make an exception. A Christmas Story is one of my all-time favorite movies. From Thanksgiving to Christmas every year we watch it (or at least have it on) a lot, practically every day, sometimes more than once. So when I saw this project of the Parker house I just had to share. It's got everything, the major award, the Bumpass hounds, the turkey, the rabbit pajamas and of course the official Red Rider carbine action 200 shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time.

Caterham Seven Comes Full Circle

When I built the new LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven live on Sunday, the designer Carl Greatrix stopped by to chat a bit an revealed that he had just finished modifying the set to restore some of the lost features. Wrap your head around that...he designed a set, submitted it, got 10k votes, LEGO accepted it, a designer from LEGO re-engineered it (standard procedure) and made some changes to make it practical to produce, it's released, and then the designer re-engineers it to bring back lost features (like steering!). It's a convoluted path, but the results are pretty stunning. 

Modified Caterham 21307
Modified Caterham 21307

BrickNerd Live Build - Caterham Seven

I've only ever seen a Caterham Seven in the wild once, at a mall in Irvine CA, but I was instantly smitten. Of course I've seen Caterham cars on TopGear many time, but seeing it in person was different. It's an unusual beast, with a energy even when parked. Well now I get to build one, and you should join me while I do it. It's guaranteed 13% more exciting than watching bananas discolor in real-time. Building starts at 10am PST, see you then!