The A-Z Of LEGO Minifigures

This is a clever and educational MOC. Builder Laurene J. has created an entire alphabet with letters built out of LEGO Minifigures. Not just that, but every letter is represented by Minifigures representing a subject based on that letter (read it again, it makes sense). For instance, A is built with astronauts, get it? Now the challenge, can you guess every letter? You will probably have to click through and view the large version of this photo to see them clearly. And don't worry, there's individual pics of every letter just in case you get stuck.

Minifigure Alphabet

The Part Challenge

This is a two part post. The first order of business to attend to is this fantastic MOC by Peteris Sprogis. Brick built lettering can be difficult, especially if you want some panache to it, but Peteris pulls it off beautifully. Although it is important to point out that this is the second iteration of this MOC, because sometimes a "P" can look an awful lot like an "F".

The second order of business is to bring up what this MOC is actually promoting. It's a Flickr group called, you guessed it, Part Challenge. It's sort of like Iron Builder for the rest of us. Check it out and get building!

Part Challenge