The Middle Earth "Expanded Universe"

Everyone knows The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but do you know the depths that Tolkien went to develop the history, culture and minutia of Middle Earth? His notes and thoughts were collected for years and after his death his son published these works as The Silmarillion, which Peter Jackson drew heavily on when fleshing out both of his epic trilogies. This beautiful diorama by builder jsnyder002 also drew inspiration from this book, and the results are stunning.

The Kinslaying at Alqualondë

"There Is Only One Lord Of The Rings"

Don't you just hate it when an all-powerful supernatural being tries to take over the world? Meet Sauron, from Middle Earth. He's the tall, dark and ambitious type, with big plans for Mordor and whatever else realms he might just, you know, take by force with an orc army. This version by Legonardo Davidy doesn't pose much threat though, you could just pop that one ring off and poof, he's back in the parts bin.