Diner Mini Modular

I really dig the mini modular scale. The original set is one of my favorite sets of all time, and I still have it together. In fact, you’ll find it in the background of a great many of the animations at BrickNerd Studios, it’s perfect for forced perspective. This mini version of the diner by Swan Dutchman would make a perfect addition to the set too. It’s amazingly accurate to the proportions and colors of the original, including the signage on the front, isn’t that spiffy?

Mini Parisian Restaurant

If there's anything I enjoy more than nicely done modular buildings, it's a micro build of said modular buildings. The Parisian Restaurant is one of my favorites, and this miniature version of it by builder Simon NH is instantly recognizable. And just like it's full size counterpart, it's brimming with charm. There's so many clever techniques and part uses here I don't know where to start, so just gawk at it like I've been doing.

Micro Parisian Restaurant

Mini Detective's Office

One of my favorite modular buildings is now one of my favorite mini modulars thanks to builder DDoshini. I've always been captivated with the minis because of the ingenuity required to scale down such a complex structure and maintain the look and feel of it, but as you can see it's been accomplished. It looks right at home between the Pet Shop and the Parisian Restaurant, which I might add are also really well done.